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  • Why Is There a Push for Blue Lives Matter?

    A Letter written by Linda O’Sullivan There’s a phenomenon that I feel doesn’t get enough attention. Since Black History Month wrapped up a few weeks ago, I’d like to share some thoughts on this. Why is it that the response to Black movements such as BLM takes the form of calls for supporting the police? […]

  • Continued Disparate Treatment Of BOE Attendees

    At the recent April 5th Board of Ed meeting, a man spoke during public participation. Referring to racism in Newtown, he said, “it’s not like this is 1960’s Alabama” and that “most of Newtown is filled with very nice people, and only 10% are racist and bigoted.” I have no idea if this 10% statistic […]

  • Hypocrisy Boils Down to Racism

    I want to talk about the hypocrisy happening not only in our town, but nationwide. I wrote a letter recently about tone policing occurring at our BOE meetings — and, guess what? It is still happening. If you’re still unclear what’s happening, let me break it down for you with this national example first. The […]

  • BOE’s Clear Disparity in Rule Application

    I have been living in Sandy Hook for 17 years. I have three children of various ages, and one of the values is that I try to uphold to my utmost best to be consistent with my parental rules with my children. I think we all can agree that when someone gets treated very differently […]

  • Demonstrate Allyship With Words And Actions

    In early April, Newtowners on social media rallied around a hawk that had been cruelly shot with an arrow. In one online post, 614 of us “liked” or “loved” that the hawk had been captured and was being treated. He was lifted in prayer by many and monetary contributions were collected for his care. Later […]

  • Promoting DEI Comes With Willingness To Learn

    As we enter Black History month, let us take time to acknowledge that Black history is American history. As community members, let us make the effort to reach beyond memorized Martin Luther King quotes and black Instagram squares. As community leaders, recognize that learning is never-ending and empty platitudes impede progress and connection. When we […]