Learning Committee

The Learning Committee equips members with the tools and knowledge to seek racial justice by creating a common language, encouraging community accountability, and hosting educational opportunities for all ages, so that we can create advocates within our group who form community allies and spread our message of allyship and antiracism through the Newtown community.

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Schools Committee

The Schools Committee believes in an antiracist education that equips every child with the knowledge, skills, and passion to create a more equitable and just world. Their mission is to improve the educational experience of all students in Newtown Public Schools by promoting culture, diversity and inclusion in the classrooms, disrupting systems of racial inequity and meeting the needs of BIPOC students.

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Municipal Committee

The Municipal Committee is focused on the coordination of efforts among our community leaders to establish and support a town-wide commitment toward antiracism throughout Newtown. We advocate for a cohesive legislative agenda across all municipal town boards to implement accountability, transparency, diversity, equity and inclusion in all policies, procedures and practices.

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