The Executive Board meets regularly to ensure the organization is learning, growing, and advocating for change in Newtown. It oversees the other committees and works with them to accomplish their goals. It also moderates the organization’s Facebook group and Slack workspace.

Executive Board Members

Laura Main


Laura Main has lived in Newtown since 1995.  She is a life-long educator and holds a doctorate in instructional leadership.  She is passionate about access to high quality education as a transformative tool for reversing the systemic effects of racism and has been involved in social justice work in this area for ten years.  She values diversity as an asset to all communities and has recently come to appreciate the need for advocating for educating others about the need for this work in our local community.  

Don Lococo


Don Lococo has lived in Newtown since 1994. He has a B.S. degree in Psychology and A.S. degree in Occupational Therapy, with an avocation for being an activist and advocate for social justice and gun violence prevention issues. He is committed to doing the work, to promote a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and safer Newtown.

Carrie Grummons

A Newtown resident since 2018, Carrie Grummons has always considered herself an activist. Unafraid to call out injustice when she sees it, she has tried to teach her four sons to similarly use their privilege to stand up for others. Carrie began to contribute to the NAFC Blog in 2021, where she shares what she is learning about a variety of race-related topics. She is passionate about standing up for people who may not be heard as well as asking those in a position of power to join in the work of making equity and justice for ALL a reality.

Wendy Leon-Gambetta

Since moving to Newtown in 1993, Wendy Leon-Gambetta has engaged in volunteer work and has accepted leadership positions in school, church, and community settings. Knowing that education is critical to dismantling racism, she aspires to be a life-long learner and believes that being a good ally begins with listening to BIPOC share their experiences with racism. Wendy hopes that, by learning and working together, we will make Newtown a place where all feel safe and valued.

Danielle Lozer

Danielle Lozer is a lifelong educator and mother of two, with a deep commitment to fostering equity and inclusion in Newtown schools and the community. Having relocated from Jersey City to Newtown in 2012, Danielle has been an integral part of the community fabric, working and volunteering in all the district schools.
Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and a Master’s degree in Education, Danielle combines expertise in communication and pedagogy to advocate for meaningful change.
Drawing from personal experiences growing up in a town with a similar racial makeup, Danielle understands the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all children and their families.

Nicole Maddox

Vice Chair

Nicole Maddox has been a member of the Newtown community since 2007. Born and raised in the Boston, MA area and a resident of NYC for nearly a decade, Nicole appreciates the profound positive effect of diversity. As a Black woman, wife, and mother to 4 children, her countless personal experiences of racism have motivated her to work hard to improve conditions in Newtown and surrounding communities. Nicole hopes the end of the pledge of allegiance will be true one day – and that there really will be “liberty and justice for all.”

Kate McGrady


Kate McGrady lives in Newtown with her husband and two young kids. She is currently in grad school pursuing a masters in clinical mental health counseling. She knows that she still has so much to learn about the history of racism and the effect it has on current society as well as herself, but during her own educational journey she realizes more and more how important this work is and how much there is to be done. Kate fights for her friends, their children, and her own kids as well as a better future for all.