Small Business Spotlight : Glitter Day Spa

Glitter Day Spa(located above Robert Anthony Salon • 49 Church Hill Rd)

Nothing like a brightening facial on a dreary day. I was fortunate enough to book an appointment with Danielle Williams, owner of Glitter Day Spa in Newtown. I met Danielle (Dani) at her Grand Opening on April 22nd, after receiving a ‘sister alert’ to her presence in town. Black-owned? Where? Here? Be right there! When you’re hitting a wall finding local electrolysis providers for Black women and get a call right when you’re about to continue the search, it is only meant to be. I received a tour of this chic spa and was relieved to see it was not just a figment of my imagination.

In addition to meeting Danielle, licensed esthetician, massage therapist, and board certified electrologist – I met Michelle, her friend and licensed massage therapist, and Dani’s lovely daughter Giulia. After chatting with Dani like old friends, I excitedly spread the word, and made the electrolysis appointment for my girlfriend (who has booked multiple sessions since) It was a pleasure to also meet the ladies of Robert Anthony, the full service hair salon with which Glitter shares a space. 

Danielle Williams, Glitter Day Spa

In August, Dani will be celebrating 20 years as an esthetician. She spent 11 of those years at Red Door Spa at Saks. From there, Dani went off to Red Door on Park Avenue, 17th Street and Union Square, then Equinox. Dani says what she enjoys most about her business is “empowering women and improving their self confidence”. Dani provides an inclusive, safe space that is a respite for the body and spirit. As Black women, it has become increasingly vital to prioritize our well being in the midst of tackling all that encompasses navigating daily life.

Red Door Spa at Saks, coincidentally, is the first place I received a facial 8 years ago. From my experience with Red Door, I had full confidence that her hands would be top tier and could not wait for my session. I changed into a towel, then laid on a heated bed adjusted to my comfort. The soothing music and aroma put me in the zone. I received a customized brightening and oxygenation facial with comedones (blackheads) extraction. There are standard facial packages available, though Dani does tailor your facial to your needs. I do not have problematic skin (my new garage band name), but Dani gave me some helpful tips, most important of all, to hydrate. Unfortunately for me, Coca Cola does not count as an adequate hydration alternative. Dani uses highly trusted brands, such as SkinCeuticals and B. Kamin’s, and is committed to cruelty-free products. After my treatment, my skin felt so smooth and airy.


New repeat client, Yves, stated that, “Dani is welcoming, accommodating, and detail-oriented”. 

Another new client, Sarah, has “only lived in the area less than two years, and was amazed to have a spa, Black-owned at that is just minutes from my home.” 

Sarah booked an acne treatment for her 19 year old daughter, Misan, who felt some anxiety as she has never has any sort of “spa service”.  “Dani used calming tones to make her feel at ease, informing her of each process step by step. She loved it!!!! We’re going back again so that she can have a facial before she’s gone for her summer internship.” Sarah is also looking forward to her Mother’s Day massage. 

When it comes to an intimate, tailored relaxing experience, and prioritizing self- care, Glitter Day Spa has you covered. 

Glitter Day Spa is a fantastic addition to the community.

Welcome to Newtown!

Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation gift certificates currently available. 



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