Lift Every Voice And Sing

Our nation once again celebrated the embodiment of all things “America” on Sunday with Superbowl LXIII. Throughout the country, ungodly amounts of chicken wings, nachos, chile, and beer were devoured by football fans accompanied by fans of Usher, flashy TV ads, and Taylor Swift. According to Nielson, there were 123.7 million of us watching it,… Continue reading Lift Every Voice And Sing

Remembering Indigenous Families on the First Day of School

Wounded Yellow Robe, Henry Standing Bear and Timber Yellow Robe before and after their Pennsylvania boarding school gave them “proper” clothes and haircuts. (John N. Choate/Dickinson College Archives & Special Collections)

I am an empty nester who loves seeing first day of school pictures each year on social media. I love everything about it: The fresh new haircuts, cute new outfits, and the range of faces reflecting excitement, nervousness, annoyance, and everything in between. The emotions are often mixed, but the first day of school, perhaps… Continue reading Remembering Indigenous Families on the First Day of School

Watching the Playbook Play Out

Former NPS DEI Director, Wes Johnson addresses the BOE about their continual push back against DEI.

Well, here we are again. Another late-night Board of Education meeting in Newtown with more parents in attendance and more passionate speeches about the protection of First Amendment rights, the importance of representation in literature, and the ability to handle more mature material by high school aged students. I went into this meeting incredibly jaded,… Continue reading Watching the Playbook Play Out

Celebration, Reflection, and The Path Forward

Happy Black History Month. Thank you, Justice Southbury, for having me. My name is Nerlande Foote. Like some of you, I wear many hats and juggle many identities. I’m a mother, wife, social justice advocate, a nurse, member of the grassroots group Newtown Allies for Change and, when time allows, ALLEGED neighborhood rabble rouser…IF I’m… Continue reading Celebration, Reflection, and The Path Forward

NAFC Hosts Picnic at Dickinson Park

On Saturday, September 24th, Newtown Allies For Change hosted a family picnic at Dickinson Park in Newtown, CT. It was a great way for families in the community to meet up with like-minded individuals in order to encourage, support, and inspire one another. More than 10 familes showed up with blankets and lunches in tow simply… Continue reading NAFC Hosts Picnic at Dickinson Park

Let’s Talk About Microaggressions

Are you trying to be a better ally? Are there times you find yourself reading an anti-racist book, listening to a podcast, or even reading the NAFC blog, when you come across a phrase that you don’t completely understand? Perhaps you’ve even heard a phrase multiple times, but you do not quite have a firm grasp on what… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Microaggressions

When Will You Care Enough?

The Newtown community needs to push through silly narratives about diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as being divisive. Let those irrational narratives motivate you to work harder for the Newtown children who have and continue to bear entirely too much burden in our community.