NAFC’s Youth Group Kicks off With Acts of Kindness.

On Saturday, March 30, eleven students from grades 5-8th gathered in the Maker’s Space at C. H. Booth Library for the first meeting of Newtown Allies For Change Youth Group. These young students are local Newtown residents who are interested in making the community a more inclusive and welcoming space for all people. Local resident, Christine… Continue reading NAFC’s Youth Group Kicks off With Acts of Kindness.

United Against Hate Event

On October 25, 2023 around 100 local residents filled a conference room in the Newtown Community Center. Some of the women wore head coverings while many of the men wore Kippahs. Black, white and Latinx neighbors; clergy of various religions; elected officials (along with current candidates) and law enforcement officers all gathered together with one… Continue reading United Against Hate Event

What is “Woke”?

    The term ‘woke’ has been used a lot in political discourse lately. What is your reaction when you hear ‘woke’? Is it something you aspire to, or do you dismiss the idea as something not worth consideration? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘woke’ as “aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues… Continue reading What is “Woke”?

Let’s Talk About Microaggressions

Are you trying to be a better ally? Are there times you find yourself reading an anti-racist book, listening to a podcast, or even reading the NAFC blog, when you come across a phrase that you don’t completely understand? Perhaps you’ve even heard a phrase multiple times, but you do not quite have a firm grasp on what… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Microaggressions